About Margaret


I’m Margaret O’Keeffe, an accredited Psychotherapist, Mindfulness MBSR Teacher and Clinical Healthcare Chaplain.

I am a person-centered Psychotherapist with a warm and caring style.

In my Practice, I provide psychotherapy and counselling to adults.

As a therapist, I am committed to being grounded and fully present to my client, as it is the necessary foundation to growing a positive and strong therapeutic relationship.

This is crucial for building trust and creating a safe environment for a client to engage openly and honestly in therapy.

I offer therapeutic approaches that are evidence based, proven and effective to support the client to get to the essence of what may be happening for them in their emotional and physical body in the moment.

I bring compassion and empathy as I listen to your story. I respect your uniqueness, beliefs and dignity as a person at all times. I will meet you where you are.

I believe in the innate human capacity for healing as I seek to integrate the wisdom of the mind, the health of the body and the light of the soul.

Pain and suffering come in many guises into people’s lives. Spiritual pain too, is very real. It is what we call ‘soul pain’. It too, needs attention and care.

I have a deep belief in the potential of mindfulness and self-compassion to bring greater richness and awareness into everyday life. I incorporate these in my work as effective tools for change and wellness.

I’ve committed my life to “being with” and supporting people who find themselves in difficulty, pain and loss. This experience can result from sickness, grief, loss, anxiety, family life circumstances, life transitions and death. Life is always coming together and falling apart.

I am available to accompany people in finding a way as circumstances unfold in their lives, and to help them to make sense of their world.

My ability to do this is learnt through the following:
  • My professional training.
  • My experiential work with many teachers in my life.
  • My ongoing personal development work in different areas.
  • My daily commitment to Mindful and Contemplative Practice inspires and supports every part of my life and my response to human distress, suffering and sorrow.

As a member of the Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy, I am guided by the IAHIP Code of Ethics. 

“Every human person is a mystery which must be learned,
slowly reverently, with care tenderness and pain.
And is never learned completely” - Anonymous

Experience & Qualifications

  • Accredited Psychotherapist with Irish Association of Humanistic & Integrative Psychotherapy (IAHIP)
  • Certified Grief Educator with David Kessler
  • Qualified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Teacher with Centre of Mindfulness University of Massachusetts 
  • Accredited Healthcare Chaplain with The Healthcare Chaplaincy Board (HCB)
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“To be with and heard and understood is one of the human heart’s greatest desires” – Richard Carlson.