Holistic & Spiritual Caregiving

Holistic and Spiritual Caregiving

I offer Holistic and Spiritual Caregiving to individuals and families as they come to terms
with illness, be it chronic or terminal and the experience of loss and grief around it.

Each of us is on our own life’s journey, and sometimes suffering and pain are part of the journey and it can be difficult.

Family and friends help us but the pain and hurt endures.

I am there to meet people in that hurting place, to witness and acknowledge the depth of their pain.

The role of Holistic and Spiritual caregiving in healthcare is to relieve suffering and to support the best possible quality of life for the sick person and their families.

Care-giving involves serving the whole person – the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual.

I truly believe they are intertwined and so mutually interdependent.

Our spirituality is experienced and expressed in the ordinary events of our everyday life and how we respond to them.

Deep listening is my main role, holding the sacredness of these moments while accompanying the sick and their loved ones.

It is not always easy or understood why someone gets a serious illness and is dying.
I am here “to be with” and allow whatever emerges for a patient and their family.

Pain is part of the human condition and sharing that pain is deeply human.

People question the meaning of life and why it has to be like this.

They deserve to be heard and listened to as they express their own inner thoughts, disappointment and pain.

In times of illness or at the end of life some people find a great source of comfort in their strong spiritual beliefs while others may need to find solace in their own deep inner peace and family support in those moments.

I am there to support whatever is your need.

Dying is a process and it is never easy. It is a difficult time for family, with all the emotional pain that is present. There is no handbook because everyone dies in their time and way. 

We live with the mystery, that no one can control.

Respecting the wishes of all is central.

As a Holistic and Spiritual caregiver, I endeavor to bring care, ease and dignity to the sick or dying person and support family members at a very painful time in their lives.

“Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard, but always near; still loved, still missed and very dear.”  – Unknown.

How I can help you
  • I support families whose loved one may be dying at home, in hospital or in current care setting through a visit to the patient or meeting a family member in their home.
  • Caring for a sick or elderly relative can be a challenging time. I’m available to meet with or talk to carers and family members.
  • I accompany and support families through a death experience and through a family funeral.
  • I help families to honour the deceased by assisting them to prepare a meaningful funeral service. I sometimes help them in their choices of prayers, readings, reflections and music that will reflect the essence and wishes of their departed loved one while offering them solace in their grief.
  • I prepare and co-ordinate liturgies for all occasions in life, sacramental preparations and para-liturgy especially for families, schools and parishes.
  • I am open to engage in spiritual dialogue – prayer with and without words.
  • I lead spiritual retreat days.
  • I offer bereavement group support and one to one therapy sessions for those who seek it.
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“To be with and heard and understood is one of the human heart’s greatest desires” – Richard Carlson.